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Who We Are

Diana Miranda

Co-Founder & Head Planner

Bachelor of Science in Tourism and Events Management from George Mason University, U.S.A.

My passion for weddings and events led me to study a degree that would allow me to have a unique connection with my clients and my work team in such a way that we can transform their dreams into an unforgettable event.

I am grateful for the trust that has been given to me since 2014 to create, design, and embrace the ideas and craziness that I have for each event because they have made me an accomplice and a fundamental pillar of that special day.

Andrés Sáenz

Co-founder & General Manager

Bachelor of Arts in International Management from Gustavus Adolphus College U.S.A.

Since I was little I understood the importance of teamwork. Learning to speak the same language allows you to understand the needs and ideas of each member, thus creating unique projects.

Planning an event requires effort, dedication, and endless emotions of the client and of each person involved behind the scenes. It is my task to understand them and work together to achieve the success of each event.

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