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What measures can I take to protect my guests?

COVID-19 has changed our everyday life. We are now more conscious about how we can protect ourselves and our loved ones.

A wedding is a very special moment in the life of every engaged couple. It means the day in which they will accept their forevers. Therefore, having relatives and friends next to them on that moment means the world.

Even though there are no specific measures that must be followed in order to prevent spreading COVID-19 at a private event, we know you also want to give back some of the love your guests are giving you by protecting them. Here are some ideas..

As previously mentioned, each official measure for private events will depend on your country, city, and even your region. Here in Mexico, new updates are being published every time the stoplight system changes.

We, as wedding planners, have to be in constant obervation of these laws to make sure we respect and execute them.

Besides these measures, there are some ideas that we can implement when having our event that not only make it safer, but can also make it fun.

It is important that you and your wedding planner have a meeting to discuss the potential ideas as not only guests will be involved, but also the vendors. There has to be a great communication between every person to make sure it is a sucess.

Remember, we work better together!

Glow in the dark masks!

This might sound weird, but they actually look pretty cool.

It is recommended to change the face mask every 4 hours.

Your guests might bring their own face mask, but is not very common that they change it as often as recommeded.

Besides providing them with a fun accesory, you’re actually helping them stay safer.

Color necklaces

This works like a street light, red is for your guests who wish to not have any kind of contact with other guests, yellow is for your guests who are open to talk to people at a certain distance (1.5 mts.) but do not feel comfortable having physical contact, and the green one is for guests who are okay with physical contact and do not need a certain distance. You can include more colors or different meanings to them. You just gotta be creative and provide a box with the signage.

Floor signage

This is mainly for hallways, restroom areas, and even the dance floor. Stickers can be placed at a 1.5 mts. distance between each other.

Hybrid events

Some people might still feel unsafe attending an event with other people, therefore, a good option would be to make an intimate event with few attendees and have a live stream, especially for the olders or more vulnerable guests.

Digital invitations & Menus

Besides protecting your guests you also help the environment by reducing waste. Nowadays, there are several agencies that specialize on these type of invitations. Ask your wedding planner for options!

Nebulizer for the dance floor

This will help maintain a clean atmosphere around those non-stop dancers!

Remember, the only limit to new ideas is your creativity!

We can help you plan your post-COVID wedding!

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Note: some pictures presented on this article were taken from the internet.


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